Baglets Animations

May 15, 2020

My First Ever Published Game!

So I recently bought Game Maker Studio...

...and I said to myself, "Let's make a simple game!" And so I did, despite the fact that I completely destroyed my schedule for the different projects that I've been working on. I felt like making a game, you can't blame me lmao

So here we are, I present you Donut Force Galactic

Donut Force Galactic is a retro-style video game that has its appearance on Beans and Berb Episode 7 and Beans and Berb (Webcomic) Chapter 2.4

Yes, there is a storyline of this game.
Basically, there is a war between two food, the Donuts and the Breads. They fight, but in space.

The donuts are called the Wholey Donuts (the good guys), and the breads are called the Breadnemy (the bad guys).

My first ever game that I've published. I might update it at some point but as of now, I hope you enjoy this simple yet somehow hard game.

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