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Donut Force Galactic

Donut Force Galactic is a simple retro-styled game that appears in the Beans and Berb series (specifically on Episode 7 or Chapter 2.4) This is Baglets' first ever published game online.

Basically, you're a Donut, fighting in a space war. Where-in you are ambushed by loaves of "breadnemy" (the bad guys)

NEW! We added a level! Get to the Donut Spaceship at the end of the level in order to win! More levels coming soon!

In classic mode, Basically you point and shoot. That's it. Survive for 1000 seconds to win.


*Added Locks and Keys

*Added Level 2

*Fixed Minor Bugs


*Added sound effect for launching the Donut Spaceship

*Fixed Minor Bugs


*Added Level 1

*Added Classic Mode

*Added Spikes

*Added Yellow Bricks

*Added Donut Spaceship as a finishing line

*Moving Background

*Changed the health potion into a Pizza

*Enhanced Camera Movement
Download Windows Only (5.18MB)

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